Below is sample of some of the work done by Studio 83 Productions

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    Bill's Carpet Fair - Retail TV Commercial


    Bill’s Carpet Fair came to Studio 83 looking to develop a high-end image commercial that would attract new market shares, without alienating existing ones. They wanted a retail commercial that would brand them as Baltimore’s preeminent flooring experts.

    At Studio 83, we watch a lot of TV. And while we saw a lot of flooring commercials airing in the market, we noticed few-to-none focused on the shopping experience. We wrote a script that showed Bill’s as a fun and exciting place to shop, and we did it without sacrificing the price and product points that Bill’s existing customers respond to.

    Shot and edited by Studio 83, it was something unlike any commercial they’d done. When you hear phrases like “Wow” and “That’s really different”…used in the good way…you know you’ve got a commercial making an impact.

    NRL Federal Credit Union – Financial TV Commercial


    Credit Unions. It’s not exactly a phrase you’ll find trending on Twitter. So when NRL Federal Credit Union came looking to promote a new program targeting College of Southern Maryland students, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Did we mention they also challenged us to produce a national-quality advertisement on a limited budget?

    Fortunately, we know what’s hitting on YouTube. We follow Twitter. Studio 83 understands what appeals to this target audience. Immediately we wrote a script around peers talking about things like convenience, independence and taking control of their future. All ideas that are right in Gen Y’s wheelhouse.

    Studio 83 coordinated the selection of talent, shot the commercial on location in just a few hours, and handled the edit and motion graphic design. The result: a dynamic commercial that spoke to Gen Y on their terms. NRL loved it so much, they took it beyond television and placed it on Facebook and YouTube.

    St. Vincent Pallotti High School – Fundraising Video


    Every year, St. Vincent Pallotti hosts a dinner and auction to raise money for the high school. Studio 83 created a video that aired before the auction designed to remind the audience of the evening’s importance.

    Studio 83 shot on-camera testimonials of actual students explaining how donations make an impact at the school. There’s no doubt the students give the video its emotional weight but Studio 83’s tight editing, and musical selection underscore it. The addition of a few well placed graphics further enhance the video, without being distracting.

    Studio 83 delivered the video on time and under budget. It proved to be a valuable tool in helping raise money for St. Vincent Pallotti.

    Circuit City – Retail Liquidation National TV Commercial


    Liquidations. Selloffs. Going out of business sales. It’s happening far too often these days. Circuit City was brought to us via an agency in need of a hard sell, energetic liquidation spot that preserved their tech skewing brand image. The commercial shown here is just one in a series; each one versioned and tagged for dozens of different markets. In all, hundreds of TV commercials were written and produced over several weeks, sometimes with as little as 48 hours notice. All of which is a testament to Studio 83’s creativity, speed and attention to detail.

    Capital Cadillac – Automotive TV Commercial


    When it comes to automotive commercials, the creative team at Studio 83 are experts at creating national-quality spots on tight budgets.

    Using only manufacturer running footage supplied by Capital’s ad agency, Studio 83 was faced with creating a look that would compliment Cadillac’s high-end image without duplicating it. Our creative team developed a tight, clean design that Capital was able to brand themselves with for several months.

    United Way Stevenson University – Video On Demand


    Sometimes it can’t all be said in 30 seconds. With that in mind, Studio 83 partnered with Comcast to produce this marketing piece for their Video-On-Demand service. With scant direction, Studio 83 determined the best way to frame the story and make it relevant was to interview Stevenson students in a casual, off-the-cuff style.

    Originally contracted only to handle the shoot, Comcast was so impressed with the footage, that they requested we oversee the entire post-production process. Without a script, Studio 83 painstakingly reviewed every interview to pull out the essential comments and create an informative, engaging promotional video.

    Law Offices Of Peter Angelos – Attorney TV Commercial


    Studio 83 has been contracted to produce commercials for some of the biggest names in their respective fields. An advertising agency handling the Law Offices Of Peter Angelos came to us because of our extensive experience producing commercials in the legal and direct response arenas.

    What appears to be a rather simple spot, actually took some time to produce correctly. Each photograph was hand selected and color corrected, and the spot was deliberately paced to reach its older target demographic.

    This is one in a series of call-to-action commercials produced by Studio 83 for The Law Offices Of Peter Angelos.

    All-American Harley – Image TV Commercial


    Let’s face it. Name recognition isn’t a problem for Harley Davidson. But even the biggest names need to maintain a presence in the market. That’s how your business stays on top, and why All-American Harley came to us.

    As the client described the dealership location, Studio 83 immediately recognized that everything that made the surrounding open roads and beautiful countryside so appealing was exactly what attracted bikers to the Harley Davidson brand. After that, the spot practically wrote itself.

    In just a few hours, Studio 83 shot footage and edited a commercial that takes the Harley Davidson experience and drops it right in the target audience’s backyard. Some people call that soft-selling your message. We just call it a great commercial.

    Heartly House Rape Crisis Hotline- Public Service Announcement TV Commercial

    The Heartly House is committed to assisting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. As a non-profit organization with limited budget, this was a one shot deal. The commercial would have to run a long time. In short, they were looking for something timeless.

    Unfamiliar with TV commercial production, Studio 83 guided Heartly House through the entire process. We developed the idea, wrote the script and handled all aspects of the shoot, including casting and securing the location.

    The result speaks for itself. A powerful, enduring commercial that highlights the mission of The Heartly House. It stays with you long after the images fade from the screen.

    Caskey Printing – Corporate Video/DVD


    “This is who we are. This is what we do.” That’s what Caskey wanted to say. They just didn’t know how to say it. We did! Caskey came to us directly to help get the word out to old and new customers that they were expanding their services to include comprehensive media marketing.

    Produced on a limited budget, Studio 83 moved quickly, coordinating with many different Caskey departments to shoot the entire video in a single day!

    In the editing room, we moved even faster; taking interviews several minutes in length and boiling them down to key sound bites. Cross-cutting them with b-roll created a dynamic, flowing marketing piece. Authored onto a DVD for promotional shows and giveaways, it proved to be the perfect showcase for Caskey’s new services and continued commitment to customer service.

    Mano Swartz – Retail TV Commercial


    Mano Swartz had the script. They had the footage. What they needed was someone who could take all the raw materials and make it work. That’s why they chose Studio 83. On the surface it’s a fairly straightforward spot, but a commercial like this demands the perfect pace. Not to mention just the right music.

    Working alongside an outside producer, Studio 83 found that rhythm. We understand it’s not just about big, bold graphics. The tiniest cuts are sometimes the hardest. But they’re also the ones that can make the biggest difference.



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